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About Zoli Group

The Zoli Group stands at the forefront of Apparel, Bags, Equipment, and Accessories manufacturing in Pakistan, owing to our unwavering commitment to innovation. With multiple manufacturing units, over three decades of experience, and a global sales network, we can produce a wide range of products with quality, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction in mind.

Founded in 1994 by Haji Muhammad Ali (Late) and his 3 sons, the Zoli Group is now in the third generation as a family business. With 3 decades of experience and expertise under its wing it has become a leader in the manufacturing, export and import of Sporting Goods including, Apparel, Bags, Equipment, Accessories, and more.​

We are committed to pushing the bar, consistently seeking new and inventive ways to make our production more efficient, and helping develop products with our customers and on our own through our R & D Department.

Our mission is to innovate, and our vision is to maintain the highest levels of quality in production until delivery, shaping our every endeavor.

Our unwavering focus on quality ensures that every item we produce reflects our dedication to excellence.

Quick Numbers


Apparel Factory:
54,450 sq ft.
expandable to 261K sq ft

Bags Factory:
21,780 sq ft.
expandable to 44K sq ft

Green Complex
87,120 sq ft.
expandable to 348K sq ft

US Distribution Warehouse
10,000 sq. ft


1.4 Million units

0.14 million units




Bags, Permanent

CEO Message

To build the flexible manufacturing capabilities in the sports industry to cater the growing and evolving global demands, keeping a lead position in our business, maintaining our values based on good business ethics and at the same time, to contribute in the development of the community in which we work and live in.


Our certifications emphasize our commitment to a safe, ethical workplace with transparent practices. Rigorous auditing ensures employee well-being and product integrity. Transparency initiatives build trust, empowering customers to make informed choices and reinforcing our commitment to accountability and responsible business practices.


Our local organization memberships are vital to our commitment to responsible manufacturing and exports. They demonstrate active engagement with industry peers, underline dedication to high standards, and reinforce our commitment to staying informed. Being part of these organizations strengthens our reputation as a serious and responsible manufacturer and exporter.

Employees Safety and Care are Our First Priority

Being our most valued assets, a focus on health and safety of our employees is integral to our core values.

Health and Safety


Worker Rights


Going Green