Zoli Sports & Textiles




Zoli Sports & Textiles is dedicated to fostering an inclusive workplace and upholds a strong commitment to equality and responsible employment practices. Our comprehensive anti-discrimination policies align with global standards, reflecting our dedication to fairness and ethics. Some key initiatives and policies that underscore our commitment include:

> Equal Opportunity Employer
> Anti-Child Labor
> Living Wage, Not Minimum Wage
> Free Meals
> Free Transportation
> Free Groceries/Rations
> Bonuses on Holidays and Regularly
> Compensated Overtime Pay

The Zoli Group exemplifies conscientious corporate citizenship, going above and beyond our organizational confines to contribute significantly to societal welfare. Through proactive engagement, we champion initiatives that elevate the entire community. Our focus on education involves strategic investments in programs that empower upcoming generations, acknowledging the profound impact of knowledge in disrupting the cycle of poverty. Additionally, we actively endorse medical treatment initiatives, aiming to enhance the health and well-being of underprivileged communities. Our unwavering commitment to the overall welfare of society underscores our firm belief in responsible corporate citizenship, emphasizing positive contributions that resonate globally.


Mr. Haji Muhammad Ali (Late)

Chairman & Founder

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