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At Alizo-Zoli, we transcend the role of a mere manufacturer, evolving into a comprehensive supplier and proud partner to our clients. Situated just 40 minutes from the NY/NJ Seaport, our US Distribution Warehouse/Office serves as a strategic hub, exemplifying our dedication to seamless service. This strategic location facilitates easier LCL (Less than Container Load) shipments, simplifies payment processes, streamlines importing procedures, and enhances communication for our American customers.

Going above and beyond, we offer Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) or Landed Duty Paid (LDP) services, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our American customers. Our DDP service is all-encompassing, covering Seaport trucking, container costs, US Duties, customs fees, broker fees, in-land trucking, and even shipment breakdown if required. By providing a comprehensive solution, we eliminate hidden costs and complexities, offering transparent pricing that simplifies the entire import process.

For our European and global customers, we offer Ex-Factory, CIF and FOB (Free on Board) models, providing flexibility in shipping arrangements. We are continually expanding our services to better serve our European clientele.

Our commitment to being a door-to-door company underscores our dedication to exceptional customer service. Recognizing the significance of reliability and efficiency in the global marketplace, we strive to make your experience with us smooth and cost-effective. Trust Alizo-Zoli to meet and exceed your needs, from the factory floor to your doorstep.


We are committed to pushing the bar, consistently seeking new and inventive ways to make our production more efficient, and helping develop products with our customers and on our own through our R & D Department.

Our mission is to innovate, and our vision is to maintain the highest levels of quality in production until delivery, shaping our every endeavor.

Our unwavering focus on quality ensures that every item we produce reflects our dedication to excellence.

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