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Zoli Sports & Textiles takes immense pride in being an equal-opportunity and responsible employer, guided by comprehensive anti-discrimination policies that adhere to international standards. Our commitment to fair and ethical employment practices is evident through various initiatives and policies, a selection of which are as follows:

Equal Opportunity Employer

At the Zoli Group, we strongly commit to providing equal opportunities for all. We actively promote diversity and inclusivity by fostering a workplace culture that values and respects employees regardless of race, gender, age, religion, or background. Our hiring practices are free from bias, ensuring everyone has a fair chance to succeed and contribute to our organization's success.


Anti-Child Labor

We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to child labor. We rigorously adhere to international labor standards and local laws, ensuring that no individual under the legal working age, of 18 years old, is employed within our organization or supply chain. This dedication extends to openness to monitoring and auditing to showcase our elimination of child labor.

Living Wage, Not Minimum Wage

We firmly believe that every employee should earn a wage that allows them to enjoy a decent standard of living. Our commitment goes beyond meeting minimum wage requirements; we benchmark our wages to ensure they meet the cost of living in the localities where we employ from. This approach ensures that our employees can support themselves and their families.

Free Meals

To support our employees during their work hours, we provide meals free of charge. This benefit promotes their physical health and fosters a sense of belonging and satisfaction within our workplace community.

Employee Insurance

We prioritize the health and well-being of our employees by offering comprehensive insurance coverage. Our goal is to provide peace of mind to our employees, knowing that they have access to quality healthcare when needed.

Pay Increases Based on Performance and Tenure:

Our performance-based pay increase system rewards employees for their dedication and contribution to the company's success. Additionally, we provide scheduled pay increases as employees gain experience and tenure within the organization, acknowledging their commitment and loyalty.

Compensated Overtime Pay

We adhere to legal and ethical standards regarding overtime work. Employees who work beyond regular hours are compensated fairly, including premium pay for overtime hours, from two to three times more, ensuring their extra efforts are duly recognized and rewarded.

Free Transportation

We offer free transportation services to ensure that our employees can commute to and from work safely and conveniently. This provision reduces commuting expenses and eliminates transportation-related barriers that some employees may face.

Free Groceries/Rations

We understand the importance of meeting basic needs. As part of our commitment to employee well-being, we provide essential groceries and rations to our employees and their families, helping them maintain a stable and secure living situation.

Bonuses on Holidays and Regularly

In recognition of our employees' dedication and hard work, we provide holiday bonuses and regular performance-based bonuses. These incentives serve as tokens of appreciation and motivation, fostering a culture of excellence within our organization. Leave Encashment Our leave encashment policy allows employees to convert their accrued leave days into additional compensation when needed. This flexibility provides employees with financial support during unforeseen circumstances or personal emergencies.

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