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See why to choose Zoli over other overseas manufacturers, with our superior capabilities in manufacturing, sublimation, delivery and most importantly: customer satisfaction.


Our US Office keeps in touch with the latest trends, and our skilled team in Pakistan, including pattern and sourcing experts, designers, and merchandisers, collaborates closely with clients to create trendaligned, cost effective, innovative products, all while upholding quality.


Our US Warehouse is located 40 minutes from the NY/NJ Seaport, we provide Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) services for our American customers & partners. This means our prices include all product cost, Seaport trucking, container costs, US Duties & Customs Fees, Broker Fees, In-Land trucking and shipment breakdown, if needed.



We prioritize quality control to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the manufacturing process. Our meticulous processes guarantee excellence at every stage, including in-house and independent QA/QC teams, fabric and raw material inspection, and detailed Quality Management Systems (QMS). From material inventory to final packaging, our rigorous quality checks uphold our commitment to delivering superior products.


Our two manufacturing facilities are strategically located in Northeast Pakistan, which has competitive advantages, such as low labor costs, compared to other Asian manufacturing hubs. Pakistan's robust textile capabilities, fueled by being the world's fourth-largest cotton producer, also include the ability to process various synthetic yarn/fabrics locally, including polyester, nylon, and spandex blends. Additionally, our proximity to the New York/New Jersey Seaport, facilitated by our US Sales Office and Warehouse in New Jersey, enhances our logistical efficiency, enabling us to provide superior customer service, R&D, and communication. We also offer LDP or DDP models, alleviating customs and import burdens for our partners.


We specialize in a wide array of sporting goods and apparel, including casual wear, fleece, cycling, wrestling, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, fitness wear, cheerleading, track, and more. What truly sets us apart is our unique focus as one of the few major manufacturers specializing in Baseball/Softball Apparel, American Football Apparel (including Integrated Girdles, Pants, and other Protective Gear), and Sublimated Apparel from Pakistan. This specialization reflects our dedication to offering comprehensive solutions for athletes across various sports, ensuring top-quality performance in every product we provide.


Our unparalleled commitment to sublimation excellence sets us apart. With a skilled team and cutting-edge equipment, including rotary heat presses and laser cutting machines, we offer custom sublimated team gear with remarkably short lead times. From custom team uniforms to stock sublimated kits and specialized sports gear like MMA and Motocross, our versatility establishes us as leaders in sublimation technology and, as a result, the sports apparel industry.

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